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This project aims to develop a high-efficiency energy management system that will locally optimize the balance between domestic or small tertiary consumption and the production of electrical energy. The innovative nature of the system lies in its ability to ensure high efficiency in a Plug and Play device, thus helping to remove two major obstacles: low efficiency and the difficulties of large-scale deployment of solutions promoting self-consumption of renewable energy. . These locks generally limit the relevance of storage solutions. Steering also involves a minimum of interaction with users. The design of the system must be able to take into account the real conditions of implementation of a management involving load shedding and voluntary postponement of consumption in order to optimize the system. Through a sociological survey and the analysis of anonymized data provided by Fractal, it will be a question of identifying the conditions favorable to the acceptability of such devices both from the point of view of the comfort felt and the adaptation users by consumers

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Start of the project on01 / 11 / 2023

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Smart buildings and territories

Smart grids

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Florentin BORÉ
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Centre-Val de Loire

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