The GREMAN - Group of researchers in materials microelectronics, nanotechnology and acoustics - results from the merger of different laboratories (LEMA, LMP, Imagerie et Cerveau)) and has become the UMR 7347 CNRS / University of Tours on January, 1st of 2012. The unit is attached to the INSIS (Institute of Engineering Sciences and Systems) and the Institutes of Physics and Chemistry. This recognition follows the positive evaluation of the scientific assessment and the proposed merger by AERES in 2011. The UMR GREMAN has over 100 staff, including 40 researchers-teatchers from the University of Tours and the engineering school ENI of the Val de Loire as well as two people from the CNRS. The UMR status delivered by the CNRS is a recognition of the excellent work undertaken in Tours and Blois by researchers of the GREMAN over the past twenty years. This label will strengthen activities in experimental sciences and matter in the center region, including through formalized collaborations with partners like the CEA, laboratories from nearby universities working on complementary topics and companies in Tours, such as STMicroelectronics or SME. The unit also participates in several research groups and federations of the CNRS at the national and European institutes in the field of materials and electronics.


The GREMAN has 5 fields of expertise: • Materials and innovative components for power/RF microelectronics: wide bandgap semiconductors, porous semiconductors, applications • Oxides for energy efficiency: combinatory synthesis and nano-structuration. • Magnetic and optical properties of ferric materials and electronic correlation materials • Micro & nano piezoelectric and capacitive systems for ultrasonic transduction and energy conversion • Methods and instrumentation for characterizing ultrasonic and complex environment

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