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The aim of the OPTIMICROCAP project is to develop an autonomous electrical energy storage and redistribution microsystem, a 3D micro-supercapacitor, to meet society's ever-growing need for energy. The boom in portable devices over the last decade means that autonomous energy storage systems need to be integrated. Supercapacitors are energy storage systems capable of delivering high levels of power, but the greatest technological challenge in integrating these devices is to increase their energy density. Our project aims to meet this expectation by increasing the two factors that affect energy: capacity and working voltage. Capacity will be optimised by double texturing the electrodes: plasma deposition of carbon nanostructures on microstructured 3D Si substrates. This technological innovation will provide a high specific surface area. The voltage range will be optimised by the choice of electrode/electrolyte pairs in so-called asymmetric device architectures. This project, which is of an innovative multidisciplinary nature compared with existing projects, encompassing the development of electrode materials, reductions in size and cost and an increase in performance, will make it possible to produce devices capable of offering autonomous energy solutions for Medtech applications by coupling the microsupercapacitor developed to a microbattery.

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Start of the project on01 / 09 / 2023

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Electronics : materials, components and subsystems

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Centre-Val de Loire

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