MISTIC SAS is a world pioneer in the transposition of micro and nanotechnologies, historically developed on silicon substrate, to solid titanium substrates, and the realization of electromechanical chips directly biocompatible. This breakthrough technology aims in particular to integrate titanium-based microsystems (electric vias, RF filters, sensors, antennas, etc.) in any implantable medical device such as pacemakers, neurostimulators, cochlear and retinal implants, implantable pumps. , to functionalize the case of these devices, and meet their increased needs in terms of miniaturization, performance and automated manufacturing. MISTIC SAS develops and markets these components, and carries out integration studies in your product. MISTIC SAS also offers these technologies to any industrial sector that can benefit from a titanium substrate made smart and multifunctional.


Components for implantable medical devices Micro and nano technologies, MEMS Editing and project management biocompatibility Titanium Mechanical and electrical design and testing of microstructures

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Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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