Research group on energetic of ionized environment - UMR 6606 (CNRS-University of Orleans) The research programs of the GREMI concerns the applications of plasmas and lasers. These scientific or technological applications exploit the thermal, reagent, conductive and radiative properties of plasmas which can vary considerably according to their way of production. These very variable properties offer to plasmas a wide adaptability in a large number of potential applications. The technologies plasmas can be generally considered as clean for the environmental sense. The researches lean on an important experimental potential dedicated on one hand to the production of the plasma environment and on the other hand in the diagnosis, with a wide call to the modeling more and more inseparable of the experiment. It is necessary to note the variety of the aimed technological fields and branches of industry and concerned by these applications in particular in electronics, energetic, materials, chemistry and propulsion. The industrial issue stimulates a great part of the researches for the laboratory, including at the fundamental level. Most of the different projects are registered in national and European programs and made within industrial collaborations.

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