The CEMHTI laboratory (extreme conditions and materials: high temperature and irradiation) aims to analyze and understand the physical and chemical properties of materials under an extreme environment, from a better description of the local atomic structure and the imperfection in solid and molten materials. The laboratory develops expertise and innovative tools at national and international level in order to study in situ the materials properties: •High resolution high temperature spectroscopy (from room temperature to 2500°C) •Contactless analysis devices for molten materials (aerodynamic levitation) •Particle accelerators and imperfection analysis devices with positron annihilation


Materials characterization at different levels ex-situ and in-situ: local imperfections, structure, chemical composition, optical and thermal properties Materials (glass, ceramics), high temperature processes: fusion/crystallization, corrosion, reactivity High temperature platform: RMN, IR, Raman, Brillouin, imaging, DRX, neutrons RMN high resolution platform: TGIR-RMN-THC, mesoporous, vitreous, hybrids, bio-compatibles, in-operando Irradiation platform: IR EMIR, ion beam analysis, positron annihilation spectroscopy, imperfection engineering in semiconductors or insulators for solar electronics.

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