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ECOREVE concerns the electrolysis of water vapor at high temperature. It brings together 2 CNRS partners (ICMCB-LEPMI), 1 EPIC (CEA), 1 industrial (SRT-Microelectronics), 1 research center (ARMINES-SPIN). The goal is to optimize the microstructure of the electrodes to improve the performance and durability of the electrolyser, a major technological lock. For this purpose, architectured electrode microstructures will be developed. Three original methods will be implemented to meet the specifications: screen printing (gradients of composition / porosity), impregnation, electrostatic atomization. To guide the development, a prediction of the electrochemical properties will be carried out by generating digital microstructures and 3D reconstruction of the real electrodes. Degradation rates of 0.5% / kh (mono-cell) and 1% / kh (stacking) are targeted. Two French manufacturers will intervene in the project: Marion Technologies will be subcontractor of the ICMCB for the supply of commercial powders while the company SRT-Microelectronics, partner of the CEA, will ensure the technology transfer and the manufacture of cells on a large scale.

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ARMINES - Géosciences

Laboratoire LEPMI (CNRS St Martin 38)

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Start of the project on01 / 02 / 2019

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Smart power grids

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06 99 45 59 09

Centre val de loire

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