This project, supported by QOS Energy, aims to develop a second-generation EnR monitoring platform capable of supporting, through its innovative technological base, significant data volumetrics and new services based on machine learning (machine learning, Big data). This technology platform will provide the following services: * Supervision of heterogeneous EnR parks consisting of a large volume of power plants (several tens of thousands) thanks to a large scalability of the data management base resulting in a naturally generated economies of scale and therefore a better competitiveness, * Supervision of plant metrics at a sampling rate of up to 1 minute (instead of 15 today) according to new operator expectations, * Ability to dynamically calculate and supervise at the same frequency the indicators specific to the various types of plants (trackers, junction boxes, storage, ...) and according to the reporting requirements (contractual commitments towards third-party investors, KPIs), * New features provided by machine learning * (comparison of different production sites, monitoring of aging, detection of acoustic clamping plans on wind, predictive maintenance, ...) thanks to a robust base of data management, * The whole constituting an innovative platform for the dynamic exchanges and correlations of data of different natures (forecasts, metric infrastructures, energy market information, state of the electrical network, ...) thanks to a dynamic time calculation engine embedded real-time and a powerful bidirectional Application Programming Interface (API). This technological mastery will enable QOS Energy to offer services that meet the challenges of energy management and control projects at the territorial level (positive energy territories, smart grid, etc.).

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Start of the project on26 / 05 / 2024 | End of project on26 / 05 / 2024

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Smart grids

Smart grids

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Stéphane OURY
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