The ALEPH program aims to develop a lithium metal battery operating at 40 ° C. To achieve this goal, several innovations will be developped: incorporation of organic solvent into the electrolyte, surface treatment of lithium, etc ... The demonstrator will be a battery of several tens of amp hour of size equivalent to those integrating the pack of the electric vehicle Bluecar brand.

Project benefits

Rapport final : 1

Suivi de projet - Fin du projet : 8

Action de communication : 40

Suivi de projet - Pendant le projet : 16

Emplois crées : 40

Brevet : 16

Rapport final : 7

People involved in the project

Member partner

No member partner


Laboratoire PMC

Laboratoire IMP

Laboratoire LEPMI (CNRS St Martin 38)



Information of the project

Start of the project on02 / 11 / 2015

Strategic business lines

Smart power grids

Smart power grids

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