The main goal of this project is to validate new materials and a new "all solid" hydrogen battery core concept for so-called "low power" applications. This concept, in total break with that of conventional fuel cells, allows extreme miniaturization, and has an energy density 5 to 10 times higher than that of lithium batteries used in nomadic applications. In addition, the proposed technology has a very low operating cost and will be applicable to high power systems in the future. Preliminary results have already identified the structure of this pile core; this is based on the production of porous silicon, to create the specific surface on which the active layers will be deposited and also serve as a diffuser. These studies have also shown that the use of nanotechnologies for the deposition of active layers is essential to benefit 100% of the advantage of porous silicon. Tests with ceramic-type substrates having porosity properties similar to those of porous silicon could be conducted to evaluate the suitability of this system for "medium power" applications, ie between 10 and 100W. The object delivered at the end of the project is a multi-cell demonstrator of a few watts; it will be achieved by the assembly of technological bricks and tested in conditions representative of portable applications. It will be a micro fuel cell hydrogen, whose energy densities will be of the order of 1000Wh / kg compatible with the targeted applications.

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Start of the project on24 / 04 / 2024 | End of project on24 / 04 / 2024

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