Increasing the lifespan of wind turbines is one of the main topics of investigation faced by wind farm operators. A cause of premature aging often put forward is the accumulation of the loads imposed by the strong shears upstream of the rotor due to a malfunction of the wind turbine and / or the atmosphere in which it evolves. In order to limit the influence of these disturbances on the wind turbine, one of the solutions envisaged today is what is called the "retroffiting" or the integration of adjustment systems commonly called "ADD-ON". This consists in modifying a posteriori the aerodynamic surface of the blade to improve the performances. This system will be progressively matured using tests on a two-dimensional blade profile in the aerodynamic wind tunnel of the LHEEA (burst at the intermediate scale) and in the Jules Verne wind tunnel of the CSTB (wind fluctuating at scale 1 ). At scale 1, a real blade profile will be provided by the signatories of the letters of support (VALOREM and EDF-EN service). Prospective work will also be done in this project to prepare on-site tests (choice of site, wind turbine, position and control strategy ...). The sites / wind turbines are a wind turbine vertical axis on the site of Bouin (5KW), the wind turbine (2.05 MW) belonging to the company VALOREM and instrumented by the LiRGeC IFSTTAR Scientific Interest Group, CSTB, ECN (GEM laboratory), an on-shore wind turbine of an existing EDF fleet, the SEMREV offshore wind turbine (FLOATGEN) and off-shore wind farms in the Pays-de-Loire / Brittany region by 2021.

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