HOMERE (2022)

In progress

The HOMERE project aims to develop new electroactive materials of the polymer/carbon type to improve the performance of hybrid supercapacitors by combining the energy of molecules and the power of carbon. The project targets the preparation of innovative materials for clean, safe and competitive storage devices, at the frontier of capacitors and batteries, with improved stability and cycling speed. The scientific and technical obstacles of the project are the obstruction of a large fraction of the microporosity of carbon by molecules and the mediocre stability of these composite materials. To this end, the HOMERE project will combine two complementary strategies aimed at improving the integration of molecules in these devices through the covalent grafting of a monolayer on the carbon surface and the use of bio-inspired multifunctional copolymer binders with controlled architecture.

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Smart grids

Smart grids

Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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Guillaume ANDRES
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06 43 65 78 56


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