The SIBERSITE project aims to develop and electrochemically study high-potential materials in the high-energy battery market. These batteries, based on sodium ion, have other advantages such as their low cost and regional availability of raw materials. On the one hand these batteries can be ideal for the electrical assistance of medical devices and means of transport, such as electric-assisted bicycles (VAE), all seeking a certain autonomy. On the other hand in the context of a large-scale generalization of photovoltaic panels for the conversion of solar energy into electricity, the developed batteries will address the problem of energy storage with more serenity. The company VLAD, designer of custom batteries for industry, has become the reference in France for batteries for the medical community. However, it diversifies its activity thanks to its recognized know-how by offering solutions for other applications (robotics, tools, telecommunications, metrology, mobility, solar, ...). Whatever their nature, current devices requiring high-performance batteries, so of the Li-ion type, have the main disadvantages their price and the weight of their battery for a given autonomy. In this regard this SIBERSITE project with sodium-ion batteries would allow a significant reduction in the cost and a marked increase in autonomy for the same total weight. Thus the Center Region could not only strengthen its pool of jobs, but also develop the tourist attractiveness offered by the Loire à Vélo.

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Start of the project on20 / 06 / 2024 | End of project on20 / 06 / 2024

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