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The Neo Ammonia project associates the Institute of Chemistry of Condensed Matter of Bordeaux (ICMCB), the Institute of Chemistry of Environments and Materials of Poitiers (IC2MP) and the School of Chemistry of the University of Glasgow in the development of materials innovative to lower the energy cost and the environmental impact of the use Ammonia in the agrochemical and mobility sectors. This project is the result of a preliminary study carried out at the IC2MP which showed that intermetallic phases of the RTX type prepared at the ICMCB (R = yttrium or rare earth, T = transition metal, X = p-type element) and doped with Ruthenium (Ru), made it possible to produce NH3 at 400°C under atmospheric pressure. The first objective of this project is therefore to explore several families of compounds intermetallics and to optimize their catalytic performance in NH3 synthesis for application in decentralized production units. If the catalytic formulations are efficient for the synthesis reaction, the principle of microscopic reversibility in catalysis suggests that they will also be so for the reverse decomposition reaction (NH3 N2+H2), even if optimizations will be essential. The second objective of the project is therefore the study of this reversibility which opens the way to the use of intermetallic compounds for the storage of hydrogen in the form of NH3. The IC2MP also collaborates with the School of Chemistry on the theme of the synthesis of NH3 since 2010 on other equally promising types of catalysts (nitrides, carbides, carbonides). The third objective of the project is therefore to associate an international partner with the collaboration regional inter-establishment and multidisciplinary to integrate international networks of excellence in this field, thus strengthening the visibility and attractiveness of the region.

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