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The Methycentre project is the first Power to Gas demonstrator in France coupling methanation with methanation and connected to the gas network. This coupling would contribute to the development of the anaerobic digestion system by allowing the passage of a biogas containing about 55% of CH4 to a biogas with more than 90% of CH4. The project is part of a local sustainable development framework and contributes to the deployment of a circular economy in the Center-Val de Loire region. This project aims to valorize intermittent renewable electricity surpluses and agricultural waste from local farms, agri-food industry, etc. via a Power to Gas process in the form of hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane. This project will study the technical and economic viability of the process in different energy markets (network services, hydrogen and NGV mobility, biomethane injection and synthetic methane in the natural gas network) and bring out the sustainable sectors both at the ecological level. 'economic. It will also make it possible to evaluate the social and societal acceptability of the use of hydrogen, to identify the technical, technological, economic or regulatory locks as well as the various levers for reducing investment and operating costs. To make the project a reality, the Storengy site at Céré-la-Ronde was chosen because of its potential and its geographical location. The site is located in Touraine at the edge of the departments of Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire. It is the most recent underground storage site for natural gas aquifer put into service by Storengy in France. The site has two major advantages to accommodate the deployment of the project without any embarrassment and within reasonable time: a large land area and a distance from urban areas. The consortium's aim is to integrate the site into the territory by carrying out the project in perfect synergy with its environment.

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Start of the project on19 / 04 / 2024

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