With the increasing penetration of renewable energies in the distribution network, it has become essential to dynamically manage energy flows. To cope with the changes in the energy landscape, it is therefore necessary to modernize the electrical system. The French and European context, in which the electrical networks developed, leads to favor the deployment of Smart Grid technologies. The integration of New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC) into networks, will make them communicating and will allow taking into account the actions of the actors of the electric system, while ensuring a more efficient, economically viable and efficient delivery of electricity. It is in this context that SRD and LIAS have decided to combine their expertise to jointly respond to the ANR's call for projects in order to set up a Joint Laboratory (LabCom) which will constitute a continuation of a partnership. which has already resulted in the development of a prototype IMAGE tool (Intelligent Management and Energy Management System) which optimizes operating patterns over a period or a time horizon. This LabCom project is essential not only for the further integration of renewable energies but will also make it possible to industrialize the IMAGE tool to make it applicable and functional in any industrial environment by adding a stochastic approach which will take into account the character random and intermittent consumption on the one hand and renewable energy production on the other.

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