Thin film solar cells are attracting increasing interest because of the low consumption of active material and the possibility of depositing them on flexible substrates. Nevertheless, a characteristic of this technology is the low photovoltaic efficiency obtained which remains commercially less than 10%. In order to increase this efficiency while remaining competitive, it is necessary to increase the amount of light absorbed over the wavelength range by optimizing the phenomena of absorption, diffusion and luminescence of light (Optical Trapping). within the cell. The project aims to introduce metal structures into the cell (Plasmonic Engineering) to increase the absorption within the active material and therefore the cell efficiency but also to limit as much as possible the volume of photovoltaic material used. This project proposes a study ranging from the implementation of such cells by different techniques of deposition and etching, their modeling until their test and their industrialization.

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Start of the project on01 / 09 / 2012 | End of project on01 / 12 / 2015

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Smart power grids

Smart power grids

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Florentin BORÉ
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