LADHY V2 2020

In progress

The introduction of an ever increasing amount of intermittent energy production onto the electrical grid will require more flexibility which can be obtained by installing “buffers” in the form of electrical storage. The LaDHy project proposes to develop an innovative electrochemical storage technologically between a battery and a supercapacitor, with enough energy to absorb or supply 15 minute power peaks for frequency regulation of the grid. This new storage device will be obtained by combining fast and reversible faradaic electrodes. These electrodes will be composed of redox active species trapped inside Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH). The development of electroactive LDH matrices that can work in tandem with the trapped redox species will also be explored to further enhance the storage performance. This new storage device has the ambition to be very safe thanks to an aqueous electrolyte, non-toxic, cheaper and with a high cycle life than batteries used today for the application.

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Smart power grids

Matériaux et composants pour l'électronique

Smart power grids

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