Geothermal baskets have appeared on the French market in recent years as new solutions allowing easy installation (not requiring the intervention of a drilling machine) for connection to a heat pump for heating or air conditioning. new or existing residential buildings. However, one of the hindrances to the development of this type of heat exchanger is the cost and sizing, many baskets are so far generally needed for a typical family pavilion. This project aims to optimize the efficiency of these exchangers and to reduce their size and number by improving the heat transfer conditions. For this, we will try to make the most of the climatic specificities of the implantation area. Trials on geothermal baskets at scale 1 will be carried out on the BRGM geothermal platform in Orléans in order to validate the results of the study in climatic conditions representative of the Center region.

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Start of the project on24 / 10 / 2013 | End of project on18 / 11 / 2016

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Smart power grids

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