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Nowadays, the storage of electrical energy is a major technological challenge and a key link in the optimized energy management policy. Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors are electrical storage means using a chemical active ingredient embedded in the device. The principle of storage of these devices is relatively simple, their implementation is not expensive and it is also possible to size them according to the intended application (embedded for transport and miniaturized tools or devices, or stationary as feeding isolated sites). One of the major technological obstacles to be overcome to promote the development of these technologies (especially for clean transport) is to improve the security of these devices. Indeed, Li-ion batteries and current supercapacitors use organic electrolytes (mixture of organic solvents and inorganic compounds) highly flammable and explosive in case of misuse (overload, high temperature, ...). This project aims to secure these devices by using a new, safer family of electrolytes.

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