The CONNECTe-CITY project, built by companies and research laboratories with the help of decision-makers in French and international cities, aims to develop a solution for managing urban equipment that is flexible (adapted to the needs of each city), a citizen (user at the center of the project), operating (improving the efficiency of urban services), interoperable (not dependent on a single technology), profitable (investment of cities with RoIs from 3 years old). The CONNECTe-CITY solution, while flexible, will be based on three generic business models - energy performance, urban mobility, metering services to utilities - which can be adapted to suit each city's political projects. The connected urban equipment that will combine these offers will include electric vehicle charging stations, automatic incident detection cameras, variable message signs, information panels and traffic signs, on-board intelligence timestamps, LED luminaires, detection sensors. pedestrian and car presence, parking sensor, environmental sensors, waste level sensor, metering sensors for water, gas and electricity, educational radars ... Citeos IdF Exploitation, a subsidiary of Vinci Energies, will be the project leader, with as partners Actemium Paris Transport, Arcom Center-Val-de-Loire, Factory Systems, Actility, ETIcS, IFSTTAR (and its mini-city Sense-City ) and ESIEE.

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ACTEMIUM (Nanterre)


Factory Systèmes

IFSTTAR (Sense-City)


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Start of the project on01 / 09 / 2016 | End of project on31 / 12 / 2019

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Smart power grids

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07 86 53 38 70

Centre val de loire

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