The use of Li batteries in electronics (home and mobile) results in a significant increase in stored energy, opening up new fields of application, such as emergency power systems in homes, or embedded applications allowing a medical follow-up of people. Whatever the intended application, two characteristics are always desired: a high energy density and a high load speed. The use of Si to make the anode of these batteries can drastically increase the energy density of these devices. But problems remain such as, for example, the mechanical damage following the volume expansion of the anode during charging. We propose to solve this problem by using nano-structured Si anodes more deformable and whose higher chemical reactivity will increase the charging speed. The nanostructuring process of Si, already mastered by the partners of this project, will be optimized to obtain high energy densities and acceptable lifetimes. The other common problem with these batteries is the interface resistance. In order to minimize this, a gradual and controlled variation of the chemical composition at the interface will be introduced at the surface of the electrode by laser ablation. With this technology, we want to develop stabilized macro- and micro-metric power supplies. These new Li batteries will contribute, by their performances, to the development of the electronics and, by their long life, to the respect and the protection of the environment.

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Smart power grids

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Smart power grids

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