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The MOMENTA project is interested in improving the modeling / forecasting of aeroelastic loads induced by the wake of one wind turbine on another, with the objective of better taking into account these loads in the upstream phases of design of the wind turbines. farms. To do this, the MOMENTA project first proposes an original measure of turbulence in the wake of a wind turbine using a drone. These turbulent properties will be reproduced at the Reynolds bottom blast inlet, at the scale of the blade and the rotor (to isolate the effects of rotation), in order to evaluate their impact on the aerodynamic loads. Precise solvers (e.g. DES) will extend these results to realistic Reynolds numbers. We will thus have wake models and aerodynamic loads taking into account the wake effects. These results will be analyzed and implemented in aeroelastic solvers (e.g. BEM) for their use in rotor designs.

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Start of the project on20 / 06 / 2024

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Smart grids

Smart grids

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Stéphane OURY
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06 80 33 73 61

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