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In response to stakeholder needs for more coordination in smart grid metrology, a European Metrology Network (EMN) is presently being established. This project aims to accelerate the realisation of the EMN on Smart Electricity Grids via the achievement of the following objectives: 1.To establish systems within the EMN to coordinate and align national R&D strategies, and to develop a European joint strategic research agenda together with all relevant stakeholders. 2.To significantly enhance exploitation and uptake of research results from multiple EMRP and EMPIR JRPs through the realisation of a virtual knowledge hub. This web-based platform will serve as a single point of contact to stakeholders and provide easy access to the full range of smart grid metrology research results and services. 3.To develop a plan for a joint sustainable European metrology infrastructure for Smart Electricity Grids and to stimulate smart specialisation in European NMI facilities and services. 4.To create a widely visible identity as the voice of the European smart grid metrology community and to set up liaisons with relevant European stakeholder organisations, and with related European research institutes and H2020 projects. 5.To set up an extensive knowledge transfer programme consisting of training courses and training material, events and R&D activities with a significant training component, and a web-based mediation platform to attract and stimulate exchange of metrology R&D researchers.

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Start of the project on22 / 07 / 2024

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Smart grids

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Alexandre CHARI
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