In 2013, VLAD decided to launch the feasibility study for a hybrid public lighting head. This hybrid head operates on battery and mains by focusing on battery operation. The hybrid head uses the latest technologies to minimize the consumption: LED lighting, 2 illumination powers controlled by a presence detector, while producing a large part of its energy needs captured by a solar panel, and stored in a lithium battery of the latest technology.

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Produit / Prototype : 1

Rapport final : 2

Emplois crées : 1

Action de communication : 1

Brevet : 2

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Start of the project on01 / 12 / 2014 | End of project on31 / 03 / 2018

Strategic business lines

Smart power grids

Bâtiments intelligents

Smart power grids

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Directeur Technique

07 86 53 38 70


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