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The overall objective of ORCHESTRA is to design, elaborate and rationally evaluate porous architectures based on long-lived silicon carbide (SiC) with disturbing 3D geometries, applied as volumetric solar receivers ( VSR) at high temperature on the upper part of a tower solar power plant. This implies being able (i) to provide an air flow at 1000°C in laminar regime at normal pressure with a solar-heat conversion efficiency of 90% when the ceramics are exposed to an intense incident solar flux ( 1-5 MW/m2) and (ii) withstand a high temperature gradient (250°C/cm) for severe transient thermal loads (300°C/min) during daily start-ups and shutdowns (10,000 cycles) .

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Smart grids

Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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Guillaume ANDRES
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