The inclusion of renewable energies on non-interconnected island networks such as the DOM is a major challenge to increase their independence and reduce their energy bill. Nevertheless, as soon as the proportion of "fatal" energy injected on a network exceeds 15% to 20%, the network manager is confronted with new constraints. The project's technological objectives are to develop a medium-power hydraulic storage system, adapted to weak networks by hybridizing it to a backup battery, enabling it to provide all the services needed for the network, such as smoothing renewable production, primary supply or voltage regulation. The project aims to enhance the storage service, in order to initiate the development of commercial contracts linking storage operators and the network. They will enable the realization of industrial facilities that can be financed and allow the Grenelle objectives to be achieved.

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Start of the project on03 / 09 / 2011 | End of project on03 / 09 / 2014

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Smart power grids

Smart power grids

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Florentin BORÉ
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Centre-Val de Loire

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