The importance, in terms of public health, of implantable or miniaturized medical devices is today clearly recognized by many national and international health authorities. This is a sector of activity that, for several years now, has recorded annual growth of almost 10%. These devices play a leading role in many medical applications: the autonomy of people, assistance with diagnosis, localized or targeted therapy, assisted surgery, etc. The implantable medical devices to which the Lab-TMEMS joint laboratory is interested are miniaturized electromechanical converters, capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, from electrical energy into acoustic energy. LAB-TMEMS aims, for short periods, two major applications: • Miniaturized mechanical energy recuperators (typ 10 × 5 × 0.1 mm3 for 10 µWatt provided) capable of capturing energy from cardiac movements or other muscle to power implantable and "autarkic" medical devices. • Ultrasonic source networks (called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) devices) capable of locally producing high intensity ultrasound (10-20 Watt / cm2) satisfying increasing demands for interstitial and conformational treatment of tumors and tissues. cancerous.

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