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The B2FE project aims to compare two solutions for floating wind turbine floats, which are currently made of reinforced concrete, and for submerged energy storage tanks: the current BA solution with a fiber-reinforced concrete solution that replaces all or part of the reinforcement. This study will allow to obtain first results not at the scale of the float or the tank but at the scale of a structural element, like a beam. This interdisciplinary project will study three aspects: the mechanical behavior, the durability and a simplified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of this structural element. Thus, the mechanical behavior and durability of slag-based concretes incorporating different percentages and natures of fibers will be studied numerically in three successive steps. This project will provide initial answers to the problem of the use of fiber-reinforced concrete in thin walls such as offshore wind turbine floats or storage tanks and could open up more in-depth research questions and avenues for environmental design.

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