This fundamental research project brings with it the development of new supercapacitor hybrids with high energy density for specific applications. The development of new materials with a better specific capacitance associated with an increase in the potential difference applied during charging aims to increase performance in terms of energy density while maintaining a high power density. To do this, we will develop novel pseudocapacitive positive electrode materials based on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNT) modified by electronically conductive polymers (ECP) and manganese oxide electrodeposited in a controlled manner. These new nanostructured electrodes will be associated in symmetrical or asymmetric configuration with a conventional graphite electrode or titanate to ensure large charge-discharge currents and achieve high power levels of hybrid electrochemical supercapacitors. In addition, this project reveals a strong economic potential, with the demonstration of production of VACNT in supermarkets at low cost which will be exploited very soon by the company NAWATechnologies being created. That is why we propose, at the end of the project, the fabrication of a 10 * 10 cm2 prototype using the best supercapacitor configuration to demonstrate the industrial feasibility of the concept.

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Brevet : 16

Rapport final : 4

Publication scientifique : 20

Thèse : 4

Emplois crées : 16

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Fin du projet le 22 / 06 / 2024

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