The oxide materials deposited in thin layers are promised a good application future, traditional areas of microelectronics and optics emerging sectors of photonics, energy or metamaterials, with applications in intelligent building as validated by the program SéSAME / CAPI financed half by the Ministry of Industry. Since the number of atomic combinations is very high, both elaboration and characterization must make use of rapid combinatorial techniques. The Chemical Jet Deposition used by the 3D-Oxides company, being a combinatorial deposition technique, must necessarily be associated with a rapid method of analysis. A specialty of LEMA, optical spectroscopy is an investigative method that meets these requirements because it is fast, non-destructive and highly sensitive to thickness and chemical composition. 3D-Oxides plans to set up a branch in Tours to promote this partnership. The objective of this project is to develop an equipment allowing the fast mapping of the physical properties of oxide layers by optical spectroscopy of a set of different compositions, synthesized and deposited on the same substrate, by the 3D-Oxide reactors. Different types of spatially resolved optical spectroscopy can be carried out successively within the same equipment, from far infrared to ultraviolet: thermography, reflection (in normal incidence, sub-grazing angle and attenuated total reflection) and transmission.

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Début du projet le 17 / 06 / 2024 | Fin du projet le 17 / 06 / 2024

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