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Locoregional anesthesia (ALR) eliminates the sensation of pain on specific parts of the human body to perform minor or intermediate surgery. It is an effective and minimally invasive technique that offers patients a speedy post-operative recovery and reduces the length of hospital stay. Today, high frequency ultrasound is an essential means in the practice of ALR because it allows the visualization of nerve blocks and the anesthesia needle. However, ALR remains a complex technique that requires a long learning process and years of practice in the operating room; hence the need to provide anesthetists with a tool based on real-time analysis of ultrasound images to improve the practice and safety of the gesture. This project will contribute to research and development in the Center region in the health and well-being sector, involving multidisciplinary scientific and industrial fields. We want to develop a technique to significantly facilitate the work of anesthetists by minimizing the risk of nerve injury. This can lead to scientific and socio-economic progress with the possibility of technology transfer in partnership with a regional company. Publications and patents are envisaged as part of this project as well as collaboration with the medical and industrial community.

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Fin du projet le 23 / 07 / 2024

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