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Objectives, Challenges, Ambitions Reducing the impact of the built environment on the three energy, environmental and economic levels, involves improving the envelopes and equipment and integrating devices that make the best use of locally available renewable energy resources. But the more design aims at the low consumption, the more the interactions and the effects of coupling between the building, its environment and its uses become important. Actual performance depends heavily on how the building is used and managed while it becomes difficult to intuitively define an optimal mode of operation. To ensure at all times the best possible comfort while avoiding degrading the performance of the building, it must continuously adapt to changing environmental uses and conditions while anticipating the evolution of its future state and various factors such as weather conditions, tariffs or CO2 content of electricity etc. The PRECCISION project aims to develop tools and methods for the optimal management of rehabilitated buildings to meet this need. These tools will accompany a building that has just undergone a rehabilitation by giving the manager, the occupant or the other actors involved indicators and digital means to analyze the behavior of the building and control its operation, either by acting directly on the systems. variable configuration either by providing targeted information to the occupant or manager. The optimal control system relies on measurements collected in situ, on real-time calibration algorithms (state observers), self-adaptive control algorithms, actuators for remote-controlled systems and a human interface. machine for feedback to the user. To achieve these objectives, the work will have to remove certain scientific and technical locks related to the taking into account of the variability of the requests and the uses, the calibration of models, the interoperability between tools and the problematic of the computation in real time. The project The PRECCISION project will focus mainly on software intelligence layers. We will develop and / or combine a range of building modeling tools that integrate direct modeling, model reduction, identification methods, optimization and prediction algorithms. We will also focus on the development of a human-machine interface for the targeted return of information to users (managers, occupants, ...) who are thus integrated into the management loop. The software solutions developed will be deployed in real building demonstrators. Three demonstrators are planned as part of this project: a demonstrator for scientific validation involving no occupant (INCAs house); an instrumented tertiary building whose occupants have an involvement in the project (PREDIS / MHI building); an inhabited building for a pilot test on a larger scale (collective housing in rehabilitation). The latter demonstrator will provide the ground for a first impact study of the tool developed on the occupants and their behavior. Organization and Consortium The consortium brings together specialists in building energy (Armines, I2M, INES, IFSTTAR), a specialist in system modeling (LMS IMAGINE), teams specialized in software environment for the optimization of electrical systems and energy (Grenoble-INP), the start-up Vesta-System, specialist in energy optimization software solutions, and the DeltaDore group, supplier of products for energy saving and comfort in the home.

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Fin du projet le 17 / 06 / 2024

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