OPTYSONS aims to study and optimize the properties of innovative functional polymers intended for ultrasonic devices for medical monitoring and biometrics applications. It is a continuation of the APR-IR POLYSONS project. The functional polymers developed in POLYSONS with the best properties (flexible, conformable, impact resistant, transparent to ultrasound) will be optimized. The work will focus on the formulation, the synthesis conditions and the aging of these materials over time. The study of the acoustic performance of the contact between the polymer coupling blade and the explored support, an essential property for obtaining coupling with the medium to be probed, will be continued. A unique, specifically developed measurement bench will be set up. All the results will be subject to validation on the industrial tools of the project partners. OPTYSONS is based on a multidisciplinary and complementary scientific approach implementing chemical, physico-chemical, mechanical and ultrasonic skills. The results will make it possible to identify and understand the microstructural parameters of polymers that govern their acoustic properties and will contribute to the establishment of phenomenological links. They will consolidate the knowledge base acquired in POLYSONS to optimize the material specifications for the targeted applications. Eventually, they will contribute to the industrialization, production and marketing of ultrasonic sensors for the fields of medicine and biometrics in particular.

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Start of the project on01 / 09 / 2023

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Florentin BORÉ
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