This project involves the construction of an anodizing module to process silicon wafers with a diameter of 300 mm. Plate anodization up to 200 mm is known and especially mastered by SILiMiXT. On the other hand, the 300 mm plate anodization has never been reported in the literature. The upcoming market for RF/5G imposes this dimension. The physical principle for treating 300 mm plates is similar to 200 mm plates. However, it is necessary to design an anodizing module that does not exist on the market. This development requires the implementation of new materials and the increase of the surface to be treated, by a factor of 2, generates important manufacturing problems (handling, electrode distances,...). This project will address these issues. In addition, in order to be compatible with components related to RF/5G, the manufacture of porous silicon is subject to a technological lock. In order to ensure industrial quality, the type of silicon to be used for these components must undergo a step called ""doping"" before being porosified. This step is prohibitive for the final application. This project will also involve lifting this lock by implementing a lighting system based on infrared LEDs compatible with diameters of 200 mm and 300 mm. Proof of concept has already been carried out by SILiMiXT on samples. This lighting device may generate intellectual property. These two proofs of feasibility will be used to make the order, by an ETI of microelectronics, customer of SiLiMiXT, of a production equipment whose amount is estimated around one million euros.

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Start of the project on19 / 04 / 2024 | End of project on19 / 04 / 2024

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Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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