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The key element of an ultrasonic device is the transducer, which is the component that will convert electrical energy into acoustic energy and vice versa. Long limited to a simple conversion function «without intelligence», these devices, by the latest advances of the microelectronics industry, become today real embedded systems, integrated or even autonomous, capable of providing all the basic functions required to produce an image in digital form. It is thanks to the techniques of the microelectronics industry for assembling and packaging silicon components that this new generation of onboard ultrasonic devices was born. These so-called "multi-chip" assembly techniques consist in grouping together/associating, on the same support, different technological families of silicon components, before their encapsulation phase under the case, Thus, it is possible to drastically reduce the size of the devices. Through the PROTEUS project, GREMAN and MODULEUS want to partner to set up a complete chain of multi-application electronic prototyping, in order to meet the new challenges posed by the ultrasonic industry, and in a broader way, by developing new intelligent embedded systems.

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