TRANSPARENCE's main objective is to improve the transparency of innovative particle detectors developed by the company SiClade Technologies. These silicon carbide (SiC) based devices have very special qualities, namely an extremely fast response and a high resistance to extreme radiation conditions. In addition to the nuclear and space fields or space applications, the proposed technology is the only alternative to the innovative "flash" radiation therapy and the market that accompanies it. This method of therapy, in the final stage of development before being put on the market, requires a means of reading the associated beam that is ultra-fast, reliable, long-lasting and also has a low interaction with the beam to be measured (high transparency). beam to be measured (high transparency). As such, SiClade Technologies, which has an agency specifically dedicated to semiconductor technology located in the CVL region since 2021, wishes to partner with GREMAN and ICMN on this project and thus benefit from the know-how developed by these laboratories. GREMAN will be in charge of valorizing a joint patent of UT, CNRS and Aix-Marseille Univ. filed in 2021 and implementing the realization of porous SiC within the devices. Mastery of this technology will enable these sensors to offer the last property necessary for their introduction on the market: transparency. ICMN will bring its expertise on the realization of polymer membranes allowing the localization of porous SiC and on the characterization of the material.

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