The SIPeMUT project is fully in line with the Center Region's approach to increase innovation in the fields priorities in conjunction with regional policies on business creation (especially GAME). The new components electronics and technologies for life imaging are among the Region's priority areas for specialization Center. The objectives of the project are to highlight the academic results obtained in the framework of the MAT & MUT project allowing design micro-machined capacitive transducers (cMUTs) from a low temperature process. This step was necessary and essential to add today the latest technological brick with the integration of a porous silicon substrate (SiP): only microelectronics material currently able to acoustically and electrically isolate the elements from each other to avoid current artifacts on images while being compatible with a 3D integration channel. The control of low temperature processes cMUTs and SiP on the same site, associated with a competence in ultrasonic acoustics is a convergence of rare know-how at world implementing in the SIPeMUT project a real chain of innovation and valorization. Academic partners and industrialists are aiming for the development of a small-scale pre-industrial pipeline of cMUT probes on a porous silicon substrate.

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Start of the project on01 / 09 / 2014 | End of project on01 / 09 / 2017

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