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The aim of the SILMARILION project is to increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, with the aim of increasing the autonomy of electric vehicles. To this end, a consortium of specialists of innovative chemistries called "lithium-rich" (ICMCB, IMN, INRS) and industrial (SAFT and RENAULT) will achieve several generations of prototypes.

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Suivi de projet - Fin du projet : 1

Publication scientifique : 30

Emplois crées : 20

Suivi de projet - Fin du projet : 4

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Laboratoire ICMCB (CNRS Bordeaux)

Information of the project

Start of the project on20 / 10 / 2016

Strategic business lines

Smart power grids

Matériaux et composants pour l'électronique

Smart power grids

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06 43 65 78 56


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