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The aim of the POLYSONS project is to develop and study innovative polymer materials for ultrasound imaging devices. The desired properties are both a flexible and conformable mechanical behavior, resistant to shocks to protect the connectors and transparent to ultrasound. The acoustic performance of the interface between the polymer coupling blade and the support explored will be carefully studied. Within this framework, original experimental characterization devices will be developed by adopting a multidisciplinary and complementary scientific approach using skills at the same time chemical, physicochemical, mechanical and ultrasonic. The results obtained will make it possible to identify and understand the microstructural parameters of the polymer that govern its acoustic properties and will contribute to the establishment of phenomenological links between the microstructure of the polymer and the acoustic properties. These results will constitute the first technological brick for the definition of the specifications materials responding to the targeted applications. In the long run, they will also contribute to the industrialization and marketing of ultrasonic sensors for the fields of medical diagnosis and biometrics.

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