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The PAC-TA project aims to bring to market a thermo-acoustic heating system for residential housing. To achieve this, each of the four partners must contribute their expertise: ARKTEOS, a well-known heat pump manufacturer, EQUIUM, a specialist in thermo-acoustic technology, the LARIS laboratory for independent bench and in-situ tests, and ADNE for the implementation of calculation engines enabling design offices to validate the use of these new products. This collaboration will enable the thermo-acoustic technology developed by EQUIUM to be used in an ARKTEOS heat pump, and to prepare for its industrialization and commercial launch by means of a real-life test campaign validating the concept and anticipating the regulatory certifications required for marketing. These new heat pumps will be more efficient, cleaner because they will not emit greenhouse gases, and more durable.

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Start of the project on19 / 04 / 2024

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