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This NAUTIILUS project proposes to bring together the knowledge and skills of the research teams of the GREMAN and Imagerie et Brain laboratories as well as the IRLYNX and VERMON companies based in the Center Val de Loire Region. The aim of this consortium is to design and develop new ultrasound probes with a high level of integration, which remain a key element in the instrumentation chain for imaging and control. Ultrasound medical imaging is now widespread because of its cost, its versatility, its simplicity of implementation and especially its performance and opportunities that continue to grow. To remain competitive in the global market, current challenges require breakthrough innovations: designing ultrasonic transducers with increasing modalities such as a very wide range of frequency of use and in particular high frequency; Use manufacturing processes that are compatible with integration of the electronics as close as possible to the acoustic head of the probe; Progressive replacement of lead-based piezoelectric materials in accordance with European ROHS directives. The combination of these different innovations leads us to develop and evaluate the potential for imaging new generations of transducers using advanced microtechnologies such as 3D printing of lead-free piezoelectric materials and the integration of electronics.

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Start of the project on19 / 04 / 2024

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