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Our goal is the creation of the MICMAC translator, an artificial intelligence system whose role is to allow visitors to the Haute-Touche Zoological Reserve (RZHT) to understand the emotions of monkeys that they can see during their visit. This emotion translator will help visitors understand the facial expressions, postures and vocalizations of monkeys (capuchins and macaques). The deployment of the device will be coupled with a follow-up of visitor experience for the public in order to evaluate how this system has been able to modify the visitor’s perceptions and conceptions of its relation to the observed animal. The MICMAC translator is therefore a major tool in the design of an intelligent building that will allow visitors to acquire in situ and live knowledge. The visitor will be invited to contribute to the data collection by testifying to the impact that the translator had on his visit (acquisition of this knowledge, change of preconceived ideas). The data generated by the participatory sciences will allow a reflexive analysis on the perceptions and representations of the public but also on its knowledge, such as the role of zoos, research with animals or well-being. MICMAC will make it possible, through an original zoological presentation, to make the visiting experience unique and to strengthen the dissemination of scientific culture. The MICMAC project will be the subject of an unprecedented partnership in the Centre-Val de Loire region between the RZHT (MNHN), the ZooParc de Beauval, the PRISME (University of Orléans) and PRC (INRAE) laboratories, as well as the companies ACTI'COM and TEKIN.

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Start of the project on17 / 06 / 2024

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