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LEFFE aims to design and implement a thermal regulation demonstrator for the Laval Mayenne Technopole building by heating and cooling from excess heat and cold sources captured within the building itself. Exchanges will be carried out within heat pumps on a water loop which will allow to rebalance the temperature by reducing the final energy consumption, with the objective of going below 100 kWh / m² / year. The production of back-up energy with storage will be provided by a 100% renewable energy source, thermal panels coupled with surface geothermal probes. The regulation will be ensured by a network analysis system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take into account the specificities of the water loop, the heat pumps, the thermal collection system and the users' needs. The system will optimize energy consumption: ensuring user comfort with a goal of reducing heating and cooling energy consumption by 75%.

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Start of the project on21 / 05 / 2024

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Stéphane OURY
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