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MODULEUS aims to develop the ultrasound system of the future, preventive and pervasive, in the form of an ultracompact platform based on microelectronic components for real-time 3D vascular imaging, allowing applications in the field of medical monitoring ( neuroimaging) and biometric authentication (data security). The objective of the "KAMINO" R&D program is to develop the ultrasonic sensor components which will allow the development of the ultrasonic 4D imager module. This program focuses on the development of a first generation of sensors in the continuity of a previous CAP R&D project "CUSMA" and will optimize the transducer (design, manufacture) and integrate it in the form of a complete microelectronic component, reliable and usable for functional ultrasound imaging demonstrations. The feasibility of later launching a second generation of sensors allowing increased performance and / or ultimate miniaturization will be evaluated in parallel during this KAMINO project.

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