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Today, the therapeutic management of patients with melanoma is a major challenge. Indeed, the latter is growing faster than all other cancers, especially in the young population. For the low impact of this therapies to toxicology, under add the toxicology. Of these, vaccines used dendritic cells (DCs) are generated ex-vivo from autologous CDs. They must be made to measure for each patient. This procedure is laborious and expensive, preventing the generalization of this immunotherapy. The in-vivo release of immunostimulatory molecules. In this context, we propose a therapeutic approach to the local delivery of a plasmid encoding interleukin-12, by ultrasound guided sonoporation (US). To achieve this goal, a new US probe will be developed and presented. The effectiveness of this therapy will be tested on a model of melanoma by imaging and by the analysis of the immune response. The purpose of the project is to make available to oncologists, this new therapeutic arsenal.

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Groupe Innovation et ciblage cellulaire (GICC)

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Start of the project on12 / 07 / 2020

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