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The evolution of global regulations requires the automotive market to offer electric vehicles. The main challenges linked to this need are aimed at minimizing changes in the current use of vehicles and are therefore based mainly on the autonomy and recharging times of the batteries in these vehicles. The HIT-Battery project proposes the development of battery packs recharging in less than 10 minutes The axes of innovation: - Thermal control by immersion allowing rapid charging - Control of the propagation of thermal events with a security objective - The development of a battery and thermal management system (BMS) aimed at increasing the safety and lifespan of the batteries Main benefits: - The project will allow e-Mersiv to offer a new, safer, fast-charging battery pack offering a 30% weight saving and a 35% cost reduction for identical customer use. E-Mersiv will initially touch the European motor racing market (1st marketing demonstrator 2021), then premium vehicles to finally tackle the mass automobile market.

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