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This project aims to develop new organic thermoelectric materials to optimize thermal energy recovery. In the context of the energy transition, it is necessary to develop energy production and recovery. Thermoelectric conversion, transforming heat into electrical energy, plays a major role (90% of primary energy lost in the form of heat). Although inorganic materials have good conversion efficiency, they require toxic, expensive elements and operate at high temperatures. However, 60% of losses occur at < 100°C. Organic materials are thus ideal candidates for recovering waste heat in buildings or electronic systems. The active materials will be developed by PCM2E (polymer conjugated type p and n), together with the company Ikamba organics, specialized in the synthesis of specific organic molecules (dopants). The laboratories GREMAN (University of Tours) and GREMI (University of Orléans) will join their expertise to characterize the thermoelectric and transport properties.

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Start of the project on26 / 05 / 2024

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