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The DIANA project focuses on the management of prostate cancer through fusion imaging. The consortium wants to democratize the OBT fusion targeting technology, developed by Koelis. This technology allows for improved prostate cancer management through accurate lesion localization and imaging based on the fusion of ultrasound images with those from a scan or MRI. This technology is currently expensive and complex to master and buyers do not perceive the value of the approach. The consortium wants to improve image resolution and integrate artificial intelligence to automate the targeting of prostate lesions. This fine approach to cancer detection makes it possible to promote targeted outpatient treatments at the expense of total, more expensive and time-consuming treatments. Access to the operating room and the number of samples to be taken are also optimized, while the duration of biopsies is divided by two. Finally, patient safety is guaranteed to a maximum level thanks to a simpler tool for practitioners.

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Start of the project on22 / 07 / 2024

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