The development of components to integrate more and more functions, especially for capacitors, is generating a great deal of research. New capacitors with better properties have emerged on the market thanks to advances in ceramics manufacturing processes and shaping, as well as the emergence of new dielectric materials. However, this market remains today very competitive internationally. The properties of the capacitors that would allow the company SRT Microceramics to differentiate are among others the gain of constant volume capacity. This project proposes to study new "nano-structured" materials with high dielectric permittivity. One of the objectives of this project is to define a core-shell nano-structuring protocol for integration into micro-electronic devices. Several issues will have to be solved, ranging from the development and characterization of the physical properties of materials in the laboratory to the production of capacitors that perform well in a company. This will not only isolate one (or more) compositions with the targeted properties according to the booklet charges established by the company and to achieve a technology transfer by ensuring that their performance remains compatible with the industrial process without major changes.

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